Natural, Cruelty-Free Skincare

Natural, Cruelty-Free Skincare OV SKINCARE PRODUCTS
• 100% Vegan
• Cruelty-free
• Responsibly sourced
• Mindful of the environment
• Professional & compliant
• Made in England in small batches

We make skincare products that are good for you - for your skin, your health & wellbeing, your heart & soul. With a thorough understanding of ingredients and over a decade’s experience in working with botanicals in our therapy clinics, we know what works for your skin. OV products are made in small batches in rural Somerset by Lucy Stevens MFHT & are professionally produced, compliant with cosmetic law.

We don’t use any parabens, SLS, or any of the other so-called synthetic “nasties” that consumers are wary about. We believe in natural, safe products. None of our products or ingredients are tested on animals and we don't sell our products in China. There are no animal-derived ingredients in our products, they are 100% vegan & truly cruelty-free. We have an ethical & sustainable policy which you can read more about on our blog (see the link on the home page).

The Heart & Soul Collection of Organic Face & Body oils
For sale here on our website & through selected outlets (see the Stockists page), exquisite facial & body oils to condition your skin & nourish your wellbeing. With 84-99% Soil Association certified organic ingredients in each bottle, these skincare oils are botanically active, easily absorbed & transformative.
Ingredients have been chosen for their ability to work wonders for the skin, through clinically-proven benefits, the test of time in traditional use & Lucy Stevens’ first-hand experience of using oils in her therapy clinics for over a decade. High Linoleic (Omega 6) oils are predominant in the Heart & Soul collection as these are fast absorbing & non-comedogenic, leaving no greasy residue, just silky smooth skin, whatever the skin type. Organic essential oils & absolutes are chosen both for their therapeutic benefits & delightful aromas.
The next aspect of creation is aromatics. Natural aromas have been carefully balanced to create multi-layered, aromatherapeutic blends & are informed by the aromas which Lucy’s customers respond to most positively via the olfactory response. The heart is said to be the ‘home of the mind’ & the impact that aromas have on our brains is extremely powerful.
A vital element of the collection, which is carefully considered during formulation, is the “energetic” aspect of essential oils. Essential oils are vital, botanical extracts that radiate a life force, which in aromatherapy is considered to have a profound effect on the heart & soul as well as physiologically. In many cultures, essential oils are attributed energetic aspects. Some essential oils are considered light & bright, others deep & heavy. Some have an affinity with the heart, others with the mind; some are cooling, others warming, and so on. In Lucy’s aromatherapy clinics, she asks her customers how they would like to feel after their treatment. She then selects essential oils which will help address these needs. These desired feelings are an inspiration for the OV Heart & Soul Collection, alongside the different skin concerns.
Each formula in the Heart & Soul collection has this triple aspect in its desired effect – to positively impact the skin, the brain & the mind/heart/soul.
The result of this multi-faceted approach? Unique, active, effective, original, multi-dimensional skincare products.

In 2018 OV naturals is launching some new products!
Look out for massage oils to impact your mood & body scrubs for heavenly, smooth skin and more.
In the meantime enjoy OV naturals face & body oils to keep your skin nourished & protected. These are powerhouses of clinically proven ingredients containing emollients, antioxidants, vitamins & omega oils that your body loves, with divine aromas to lift your spirits. Don’t know where to start? Choose “Shop by skin type” in our Shop.

Lucy works as a professional aromatherapist, having established her small business in Somerset over a decade ago. OV naturals best-selling Triple Rose Luxury Organic Facial Oil (now called VITAL with Triple Rose) has featured in the Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible, The Mail online, YOU magazine (Mail on Sunday), the Beauty Bible, the Beauty Shortlist, The London Luxe, Prediction Magazine, the Irish Independent, Sublime Magazine, Country Calling & numerous green beauty blogs.

To discover more about the formulation & ingredients of OV products, about our ethics & why you need face & body oils in your life please Read the Blog You can purchase everything in the collection here, in our online shop, or visit the Stockists page for more outlets. Find us on Social Media @ovnaturals & please feel free to ask us anything - we're here to help.