GOLDEN Eau de Toilette naturelle
with Damask Rose, Tuberose, Neroli 2/15ml

Fresh, warm, bright, soft, reassuring, tenacious
OV's artisan Eau de Toilette, 3 years in the making. GOLDEN is a composition of 19 exotic essential oils, absolutes & isolates, bringing you citrus & floral notes with a lingering warmth & spice. Created with a proprietary blend of naturals including Pink Grapefruit, Pink Pepper, Italian Bergamot, Damask Rose, Magnolia Leaf, Neroli, Tuberose, wild Frankincense & Ambrette Seed.

Contains 99.9% natural ingredients, including natural aromatics, over half of which are wild/certified organic.

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The GOLDEN story

With this playful, yet complex, natural Eau de Toilette, we bring you golden days.

Opening with bright, carefree notes of Pink Grapefruit, Pink Pepper, Italian Bergamot & precious Damask Rose Otto - a promise of what's to come.

Then, intrigue. Fresh Neroli, creamy Tuberose & sweet Rose Absolute create a deep floral accord, capturing fullness of heart, delight & expectation. Magnolia Leaf adds warmth & depth.

Later, mellowness lingers. Hidden secrets whisper through wild Frankincense & glimpses of Ambrette Seed; precious memories to hold & cherish.

Read the Blog "Artistic adventures in natural perfumery"

Alcohol denat (Ethanol), Aqua (Water), +Parfum (natural), *Benzyl Benzoate, *Benzyl Salicylate, *d-Limonene, *Citral, *Citronellol, *Farnesol, *Geraniol, *Linalol. *in essential oils. +proprietary formula

For external use only. Apply a small amount to pulse point. Keep out of eyes. Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children & store away from light & heat with lid tightly closed. Carry out a patch test when using a new product. Use with care when exposing skin to sunlight.

It is prohibited for us to post perfume outside of the UK
Size 2ml or 15ml spray
Cruelty-free, Vegan, 100% natural
Because of the nature of natural ingredients, each batch may have a slightly different colour, texture or aroma.

"It smells utterly delightful, and I had more comments on this in the first couple of hours of wearing it than I have ever had wearing my former favourite, more expensive designer perfume!"
Gem Lupton

"If you're looking for a fragrance that is a little different then you can't go far wrong with Golden. It really is a journey for the senses, starting with fresh notes which evolve throughout the day into a more spicy, then sultry fragrance. It will take you from work to the bar, and everything in between and see you through every season. Golden is certainly a very special EDT and definitely worth a try!
5 Stars." Emma @Beauty Folio

"Lucy, you have worked your magic.. 'Golden' is exquisite. Joyful and uplifting, then mellows over time. Long lasting, too. Very special. 5 stars." Jane Taylor via

"Wow...I received my tester of 'Golden' yesterday-what a treat-a beautiful package and it smells DEVINE...I'm ordering more immediately before it sells out! Love it... thank you Lucy-and well done, it's very special ❤️ xx" Susanna Mount on Facebook

"I was lucky enough to win a sample size of this little gem. It is beautiful and absolutely unique. Natural essences versus synthetic... for me, Mother Nature wins every time. Thank you Lucy for a very special fragrance. 5 stars." Jane Holliday via

"#Golden EdP is simply stunning @OVnaturals formulated with notes I love!" Sandra Robinson, Beauty Balm on Twitter

"Lucy 'Golden' arrived, amazing yes 1st pepper/grapefruit/bergamot then rose/neroli/tuberose and now frankinsense ~ lovely. Well done & clever you" Gigi Allen on Twitter

"It's truly a stunning creation and contains a lot of notes I love. It's a very feminine scent with citrus, deep florals and spice notes and is very special indeed." Beauty Balm Blog review

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