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Most Recent Coverage
"Aromatherapist Lucy Stevens has worked within the skincare industry for nearly 15-years. She founded her Orchard View naturals (OV naturals) brand upon moving to rural Somerset in 2007, and to this day still runs the independent, small business single-handedly in her Somerset therapy practice – and that means everything from making the tea, to creating all of her luxurious products by hand."
Love Somerset Online interview, June 2019

"This (Golden EdT) is an absolute stunner of a perfume."
Petra Redmond, Late Skin Party, June Empties 2019

Interview with Sarah Stacey for the Beauty Bible
Is it oils first or creams? in the Mail Online Beauty Clinic & Beauty Bible, January 2019

And more....
A Selection 2011-2019
I am so grateful to Sarah Stacey, eminent Health & Beauty Journalist, who co-authors The Beauty Bible book series, the Beauty Bible online & the Beauty Bible Clinic for the Mail Online with Josephine Fairley. She wrote the Health & Wellbeing page for the Daily Mail YOU Magazine for years. She has championed my treatments & Vital Triple Rose since the beginning. Here are some excerpts:
- “Lucy Stevens, in Somerset. She’s a wonderful practitioner (her Ayurvedic-based facial massage is a fab temporary face-lift, and blissfully relaxing).”
Sarah Stacey, Beauty Bible
- “Monthly facials… I’m just off to see the wonderful Lucy Stevens of Orchard View Naturals in Somerset for that very thing…”
Sarah Stacey, Beauty Bible
- “One of the nicest ranges of handmade plant-based products we know is Somerset-based Orchard View.”
Beauty Bible, Sarah Stacey
- “VITAL Triple Rose Botanical Facial Oil (one of Sarah’s all-time favourites).”
Beauty Bible Beauty Clinic & Mail Online, Sarah Stacey
- "Sarah loves…“OV Naturals Triple Rose Organic Facial Oil, a handmade treat from a tiny business in Somerset."
The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible (Book), Everything You Need to Look and Feel Gorgeous for Ever, Josephine Fairley and Sarah Stacey
- "A favourite is OV Triple Rose Luxury Organic Facial Oil, which really does plump and moisturise dry skin overnight."
YOU magazine, Mail on Sunday, 'Skincare Special: Over-40 fixes' Josephine Fairley and Sarah Stacey
- “Sarah Loves… "I love rose (as many of you do too, we know) and this nourishing facial oil made my skin instantly soft and velvety feeling, with a visible bloom. You can use night and morning, with night cream for extra moisturising overnight; in the morning, I use it under a tinted moisturiser."
Beauty Bible, Sarah Stacey
- "What would be your desert island beauty buy?" "Facial oil. Currently Triple Rose Luxury Organic Facial oil by a tiny Somerset business called Orchard View Naturals.”
Irish Independent, Sarah Stacey
- "Sarah Loves… “Triple Rose Luxury Organic Facial Oil - "I just love this fragrant, nourishing facial oil from Lucy Stevens, the aromatherapist who launched this fantastic hand-made range in Somerset... You won’t know how you lived without it."
Beauty Bible, Sarah Stacey
- "Another company we applaud is Orchard View Naturals,, run by aromatherapist Lucy Stevens, who says: ‘we ask all our ingredients suppliers for written confirmation that they do not test on animals. This is very important to us.’"
Beauty Bible Beauty Clinic & Mail Online, Sarah Stacey
- The Beauty Bible's Sarah Stacey puts OV Triple Rose Facial Oil in her Top 3: "...created by the wonderful Lucy Stevens in Somerset. You can use it every day, morning and night, or when your skin needs a special treat."
Beauty Bible Beauty Clinic & Mail Online, Jo Fairley and Sarah Stacey

Clare Empson of Country Calling is another supporter who I am so grateful to, having featured OV products & treatments several times over the years:
- "(Triple Rose) Total hero product.”
- "This facial, a combination of cleansing, exfoliation, masks and deep moisturising alongside hot stones and continual massage, was the most intensely relaxing beauty treatment I think I've ever experienced. My only thought in a zen-like hour and a quarter was that I might not be able to get off the bed and drive home afterwards."
- "This year armed with bottles of both the Buoyant (with argan, neroli and frankincense) and Vital (with triple rose, hip, otto and absolute) facial oils I can in all honestly say my skin has never been better. Crucially the oils absorb quickly but leave a light sheen initially – a bit like applying a highlighter... My 15 year old daughter also tried the Serene facial oil with the same dramatic effect, her skin, she says, is far softer and more hydrated than usual. The oils are 100% vegan and organic so feel like a good choice for young skin."
- "Then there’s the divine botanical body oil – I tried Supple – which you slather on after a shower. It’s quickly absorbed so you dress and forget about it but once you undress 12 hours later – again, wow factor. That sad looking post-holiday skin? Smoother than it’s been in years."
Clare Empson, Country Calling

"(Triple Rose) Glow Like a Goddess."
Prediction Magazine

"(Triple Rose) A beauty industry favourite."
Sublime Magazine

“It feeds my skin, it softens my skin, it firms my skin, and it makes me feel good. Not one, not two, but three rose oils? Yes please! How much more luxurious can a face oil be when it's packed with such beautiful oils and essences? This is such an exquisitely scented oil.“
Petra Redmond, Late Skin Party

"Buoyant is designed for mature and combination skin, and brings vibrancy to give a more healthy appearance to the skin. I absolutely love the scent of bergamot and neroli, which for me are the two essential oils at the forefront of Buoyant, and it’s perfect as a morning oil to awaken your senses. The facial oil has a rich texture, which is surprisingly lightweight on the skin and absorbs beautifully without leaving any greasy residue."
Emma, Beauty Folio

"A great product to improve not just the hydration and softness of your skin but the clarity too."
Victoria Dance, The London Luxe

"Triple Rose... a gorgeous product... Super moisturising and makes the skin look radiant."
“It's (Golden EdT) truly a stunning creation and contains a lot of notes I love. It's a very feminine scent with citrus, deep florals and spice notes and is very special indeed.”
Sandra Robinson, Beauty Balm

"I have to say that the attention to detail and customer service I received was outstanding, as Lucy is both friendly and incredibly passionate about the products she creates… this (Golden EdT) is the first fragrance that I’ve had that takes so many twists and turns throughout the day, and really takes your senses on a journey; evolving with you during the day and finally flourishing during the evening. This EDT lasts all day, even during this hot weather, and is the perfect scent for every occasion. The lightness of the fragrance doesn’t overpower, it just lingers enough to give you bursts of scent during the day. It is the perfect EDT for anyone who gets bored of single note fragrances and those who want to experience a perfume and not just wear it. It is understandable that ‘Golden’ took a lengthy 3 years to develop, as it really is as precious as its namesake.”
Emma, Beauty Folio

“It (Golden EdT) smells utterly delightful, and I had more comments on this in the first couple of hours of wearing it than I have ever had wearing my former favourite, more expensive designer perfume!”
Gemma Lupton, Wellness & Weights

“My skin feels so velvety smooth and soft and super hydrated after applying this (Triple Rose) oil, and over the months it has improved not only in softness but in texture, clarity and tone too."
Red Head Beauty Diaries

Awards & Accolades
Logical Harmony 2018
Having passed the rigorous assessment process, OV is listed on the “go-to” international website for cruelty-free & vegan products.

The Real Beauty Manifesto 2017
OV is recognised as standing for Purity, Compassion, Honesty, Community, Transoarency & Sustainabilty

Featured in The Beauty Shortlist April 2013 - Judges Favourites
"Your Triple Rose oil is exquisite."
"Somerset-based aromatherapist Lucy Stevens hand blends her bespoke-style facial oils in batches, and OV was one brand that definitely caught our attention during the judging of The Beauty Shortlist Awards last month. More specifically, the hero of her collection, the Triple Rose Facial oil which felt like cashmere on our – back then – winter-battered skins!...So if you’re on the lookout for a new facial elixir, and you love a product that’s … 100% natural and over 99% organic, this is a brand to take a look at. Her oils are, quite simply, gorgeous."

The Mark of Positive Living 2012
OV was awarded Positive Luxury’s Trust Mark, awarded to brands & companies that have a positive impact on people & the planet

'Free From' Skincare Awards 2012
Awarded a Commendation for Triple Rose Facial oil