SUPPLE Luxury Body Oil
with Frankincense & Rose

Perfect for all skin types
100% natural & over 84% Soil Association certified organic ingredients
Elegant, sparkling, awaking, open, delicate, clear

Limber up with this light, rapidly absorbed, beauty-boosting body oil to keep your skin soft & supple, locking in hydration & adding a healthy glow. Aromatherapeutically designed to calm, balance & release negativity.

NEW CHOICE! Choose the aluminium cap if you wish to re-use your pump. The eco-friendly option, saving waste. Aluminium caps can be re-used or recycled by your local authority with cans.

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Previously named Supple Botanical Body Oil, part of the Heart & Soul Collection, this is a favourite with customers & is renamed Luxury Body Oil due to its 84% plus Soil Association Certified Organic Ingredients.

For whenever your skin needs some extra bounce & silkiness. Highly effective to smooth your body to perfection, yet with a beautiful simplicity making it unobtrusive & light enough for every day. High in antioxidants & packed with essential fatty acids, vitamins & phytonutrients, this high-Linoleic body oil absorbs fast, leaving no greasy residue, just youthful, healthy-looking skin. With regular use, skin feels silky, nourished, protected with a beautiful healthy glow.

Ingredients highlight:
Wild Frankincense & Rose
• Uplifting, skin brightening, sustainable wild Frankincense
• Precious, calming, skin soothing Damask Rose

SUPPLE also contains nourishing Organic Safflower to soften, soothe & improve the skin’s elasticity; protective, emollient natural Olive Squalane, for lithe limbs; gently soothing & balancing Rose Geranium; Organic Italian Bergamot to refresh, clarify & brighten & identity-preserved, Soil Association approved natural antioxidant Vitamin E. Skin-loving nutrients include emollient essential fatty acid Omega 6 (Linoleic acid) for healthy-looking skin, moisturising Omega 9 (Oleic acid) to soften, protect & lock in hydration, anti-aging Vitamin A, B & protective E, soothing Farnesol & emollient Olive Squalane.

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Apply liberally to damp, newly cleansed skin to nourish, soothe & protect. Light enough for every day. Non-greasy. Store away from light & heat.

You may wish to use your oils morning, night, or both. We apply body oil liberally, straight after a shower. Some customers prefer to use body oils alone, others apply underneath their body lotion, or add on top. We recommend you experiment, listen to your skin & find out what works for you.

TIP: Try blending your oil with body lotion in your palm before application, to create a super-charged skin conditioner.

TIP: Add natural contours & shimmer! Simply blend a few drops along collarbones or limbs.

*If your skin is sensitive it is advisable to patch test.
Store away from light & heat.

Size 100ml/ 3.38 fl oz with pump
Cruelty-free,Vegan,100% natural, over 84% organic
Because of the nature of natural ingredients, each batch may have a slightly different colour, texture or aroma.

"Then there's the divine botanical body oil - I tried Supple - which you slather on after a shower. It's quickly absorbed so you dress and forget about it but once you undress 12 hours later - again, wow factor. That sad looking post holiday skin? Smoother than it's been in years." Clare Empson,

"I really loved the 'supple' body oil. It's a rich golden colour with a warm slightly spicy scent. It felt really comforting and warming." "Love this and how versatile it is. I also use it as a conditioner for the ends of my hair before washing, or in between washes. 5 Stars." Melanie Ward

"I am a bit of a sceptic with body oils and I can say that you have totally converted me! I absolutely love the fragrance of the supple oil and I love how it makes my skin feel after a long bath or hot shower after a run."
Corinne Thomas

"I really like the fragrance - it is very subtle but feels very feminine and delicate. A light and non greasy oil but instantly moisturising." C. Jones, Cornwall

"Extremely hydrating. A lovely oil for dry skin. Reminds me of a good spa experience. Very clarifying and good for the mind. Refreshing and pure. Clean." Emma Lynn, Killinchy N.Ireland

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