Natural & Organic Skincare

Natural & organic skincare

As an aromatherapist who has also trained in product formulation. Lucy has been making natural, aromatherapeutic skincare products for well over a decade. Previously this was under the brand name Orchard View naturals & Lucy supplied a mixture of small independent shops, salons & therapists with products. 

More recently, with the discontinuation of the OV naturals skincare brand, Lucy still produces tiny (unbranded) batches of facial & body oils, using her aromatherapy knowledge & expertise, now exclusively for use in treatments & for therapy customers. 

These blends contain essential oils, plant oils & other botanicals & are formulated both for the exquisite aromas which have a proven effect on the olfactory system (they smell delicious & impact your brain), and also for the wealth of vitamins, essential fatty acids & other phyto-nutrients that they provide for skin health. 

Additional skincare products used in facials are sourced from quality independent UK brands who have strong ethics & believe in the power of natural ingredients. We choose plant-based skincare (apart from beeswax & milk protein extract in some products, which can be switched out if you're vegan). We only use cruelty-free skincare, meaning that ingredients & final products are never tested on animals or sold in countries where animal testing is required by law. This is really important to us & to our customers.

Each facial is tailored to what you need on the day. If you're seeking purity & efficacy, you're in the right place.