Ethics & Sustainability

When you visit Apple Tree Studio, you are coming into a positive space, consciously designed in an eco-friendly way & into a small, independent business with an ethical approach. Feeling good about the experience allows you to truly embrace the opportunity to put things on hold for a while & relax both deeply & consciously. 

"I love your ethical and sustainable approach which adds another relaxing element to the experience, knowing that the visit I’m enjoying is also one that is kind to the planet."

Steph Roberts

From Lucy's fair-trade therapy clothing made from organic cotton, to the disposable bamboo, organic cotton & recycled paper products which are home-composted after use, everything we do within our small business is considered as to how it might affect both our clients' wellbeing & the future of our planet. 

The Studio interior contains FSC certified flooring, upcycled & handmade furniture, wall art made by Lucy, eco-friendly wall paint, bathroom floor tiles sourced from Europe, recycled & bamboo floor mats, fair-trade shelving & vintage glass.

The products we use in treatments are chosen for their ethical credentials as well as efficacy - please visit our skincare page for more about these.

There are many more aspects of the business that are 'green' - our energy supplier, banking (the Co-op), our UK-based green website provider - to name a few. Since 2020, we've been signed up to Ecologi who plant trees & fund climate projects across the world to help offset our carbon footprint. We grow herbs in the garden to use in our treatments & bring twigs, leaves & flowers inside the Studio as decoration. Quality & simplicity are at the core of our business.

“The fact that you champion local causes and other causes ... Even your toilet paper is ethical . Such careful consideration about everything! In a world of green washing this is really admirable.”  

Jane, Somerset