Bespoke Skincare at Apple Tree Studio

"Orchard View naturals" artisan skincare was produced by Lucy, for sale to the public, between 2011-2021. We discontinued the skincare products in 2021, for a variety of reasons, including the time & cost of production and issues around sustainability. If you are an existing customer seeking out the original OV naturals products, you may still find some in stock at Carousel arts & crafts, Crewkerne, Somerset.

Today, Lucy has reverted to her aromatherapy roots, by simply formulating & creating tiny batches of bespoke face & body oils, exclusively for use in treatments & for therapy clients to take home. This individual approach allows Lucy to understand her customers' needs, both in terms of skincare & psychologically; to produce something exquisite & luxurious; to decrease waste & to take a more sustainable approach. All of Lucy's own products are 100% natural, plant-based, vegan & cruelty-free as well containing rich amounts of organic & ingredients.


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